by WhyDITOT Innovations Inc.

AirLift™ Pneumatic Pool Lift
  • a simple, safe, inexpensive lift for pools, docks, dive boats, etc.
  • in use at present by a mobility impaired swimmer, could be configured for use with transfer chairs, etc.
  • no electrical connection, only an air hose to a small compressor or air tank
  • very robust, no moving parts (other than the platform)
  • descend by opening a valve to let air out of the float
  • ascend by closing the valve & pushing the air injection button
  • constructed from PVC (alternative construction using aluminum or stainless steel)
  • can be implemented using a flexible bladder for more vertical range in shallow pools
  • the AirLift™ design is available free for personal use
  • contact us to discuss commercial licensing
    (royalties are assigned to the Innovations Center at Shake A Leg Miami)